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Contact Information for the RISE program

HP Organizational Contacts

Hewlett Packard
Organizational Information and Contacts.

HP's National K-12 Education Program team

Bess Stephens is the K-12 Education Relations manager.  Her phone number is 650-857-2857.

Nancy Thomas is the head of K-12 Philanthropy.  Her phone number is 650-857-5197.

Ron Gonzales is the Diversity Programs head. His phone number is 650-857-2087.

Cathy Lipe is the Ready to Learn and HP Site Support head.  Her phone number is 650-857-3495.

Hudi Podolsky is the head of School Reform Projects.  Her phone number is 650-857-2418.

David Neils is the head of the HP E-Mail Mentor Program.  His phone number is 970-229-4742.

HP's Corporate Contributions Web site address is

Hp's new K-12 Web site address is

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