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How the Examples Were Selected

The Examples section is not a comprehensive survey of all K-12 science education partnerships. Decisions about which partnerships to include were based in part on these goals
  • to acquaint users with a range of programs that illustrate a specified range of roles that exist in education partnerships for scientists, engineers, and institutions interested or involved in K-12 science education improvement
  • to acquaint users with some of the entry points for their involvement in these or similar partnerships
  • to show users a diversity of promising education partnership models for possible replication

Also, Project RISE staff , the Project RISE Steering Committee, and the Executive Director of the Center for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Education took into account whether these partnerships could be identified with one or more of the major roles or institutional origins specified in the tables below.

The EXAMPLES illustrate the following roles for scientists and engineers.

Working Directly
With Students 

Working With Teachers

Systemic Reform

Helping Develop Instructional Materials

BEAMS Operation Primary
Physical Science
Merck Institute for Science Education
Kids and Chemistry (ACS)
Project ASTRO Pasadena/CAPSI



World in Motion Project RE-SEED San Francisco/SEP
Operation Chemistry (ACS) Hewlett-Packard
Teacher Scientist Alliance Institute

The EXAMPLES illustrate partnerships initiated by a variety of institutions.


Professional Societies

National Labs

California Institute of Technology American Chemical Society Hewlett-Packard
Elementary Partners Consortium (7 Atlanta area colleges and universities)
Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Merck Institute of Science Education
Operation Primary Physical Science started at Louisiana State University Society of Automotive Engineers Jefferson Accelerator
Project RE-SEED -- started at Northeastern University American Physical Project Society Industry Initiatives for Science and Math Education
University of California San Francisco SEP

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