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A World in Motion

Scope. Since it's first appearance in 1991, roughly 33,000 A World in Motion kits have been distributed in every state and Canadian province and more than 15 foreign countries.

Instructional Program. A World in Motion is a set of three science-based engineering design problems intended for grades 4, 5, and 6 that was developed for the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). It is available free of charge to classroom teachers who are willing to commit to a partnership with an engineer or scientist. For each grade, the challenge is to design, build, and present a simple prototype; in 4th grade, a simple skimmer that can travel over solid surfaces; in 5th grade, a derby racer; and in 6th grade, prototypes of some simple and complex machines made from milk cartons and other simple household products.

Instructional Materials. The materials, which all come in one kit, include instructional materials for both teachers and students. The design problems are such that any additional needed materials can usually be collected from home and school sources. In addition to curriculum materials for the three design programs, there are three activities related to each of five different concepts -- 15 activities in all.

Initiating an Involvement with A World in Motion. Teachers are often the initiators of the World in Motion experience, getting an introductory packet, finding a technical professional for a partner, and then applying for a free kit. However, the initiative can also come from a school administrator or from some technical professional who obtains a registration packet from the SAE office and then arranges a partnership with a teacher.

Teachers. The kits are intended to provide enough instructions that a teacher, with sufficient time, can teach the unit without additional training. The intention of the SAE is that every teacher will have a volunteer as a partner when teaching the units.

Volunteers. The volunteers, usually engineers from the area, are partnered with teachers. Their contribution is through one or more visits to the classroom, during which they discuss the various activities with the students, ask questions, occasionally give answers, lead discussions, and in other ways facilitate learning. They may also help shape the experience the children are having so that the children produce a product for a competition (within the classroom or possibly within the school). They participate in many other ways and in some cases may even teach one or more classes. In all cases, they can serve as a content resource and can also model an engineer's approach to problems. Before beginning their involvement in the classrooms, volunteers receive a guide with valuable information.

Additional Information. Teachers, school administrators, and potential volunteers may request a registration packet by writing to

A World in Motion
Society of Automotive Engineers
400 Commonwealth Drive
Warrendale, PA 15096

or by calling 800-457-2946 or sending e-mail to

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