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Merck: Communications

The Merck Institute and its four partner school districts have created an Advisory Committee to ensure open communication among the five Partnership members. The Committee is made up of Merck Institute staff and administrators, teachers, and science and mathematics coordinators from each district, to ensure that the districts' needs are well represented. The Committee meets several times each year to assess progress and to devise new strategies and programs to help achieve the Partnership's goals.

Volunteer Coordinating Boards at Merck sites in New Jersey and Pennsylvania serve to keep communications channels open among volunteers, teachers and administrators, and Merck Institute staff.

To address communications problems, the Merck Institute has taken a number of steps:

  • Provided each Leader Teacher with a laptop computer, not for the classroom, but to promote communication via e-mail among Leader Teachers and between Leader Teachers and volunteers.
  • Established Listservs, to promote increased ease of communication among all Leader Teachers.

Despite problems associated with the computer hardware and software, and the training of teacher sin computer use, these technology initiatives have already succeeded in improving communications in the teacher population.

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