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OPPS: Training of Teachers

Local Workshops and Recruitment of Teacher-Participants. Each lead team for Operation Primary Physical Science will conduct local workshops for at least 20 teachers for 120 hours in 1998, and 20 teachers for 120 hours in 1999. Lead teams are fully responsible for recruiting participants at the local level.

The content and materials of the local workhops are prescribed to be the same as the contents and materials of the lead teams' own training workshops. However, lead teams have been given a lot of flexibility in arranging the timing and packaging of local workshops. Some have planned an initial three-week summer program with some follow-up, while others have planned courses that will take place through the fall and winter. All teams are expected to provide ongoing follow-up through onsite visits, video conferencing, and other methods they might devise.

Financial Arrangements and Academic Credit. Each lead team is provided with seed money for the teacher-training phase, which is administered by the college or university to which the team is attached. The amount provided for each team is $16,000 per year. It is estimated that at least this much will need to be raised in addition to support the local training. Teams and school districts are expected to arrange for that funding on their own.

Potential sources of additional funding include Eisenhower Funds, from the U.S. Department of Education, local school districts budgets, and other local sources. Some grant applications are being written cooperatively by lead teams.

Stipends for teachers and other financial as well as academic credit arrangements for teachers are also arranged by the lead teams and local colleges and universities.

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