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OPPS: Selection and Composition of Lead Teams

Team Qualifications. All the lead teams for Operation Primary Physical Science have been selected. All teams met these three qualifications:

  • One member had to be a faculty member in either a science or science education department at the sponsoring college or university.
  • One member had to have considerable experience teaching in grades K-3.
  • The third member had to balance the team's scientific and educational expertise. (On some of the lead teams, this member is another scientist in a different discipline, a science educator if the first member is a scientist, or a middle-school or high-school teacher with experience conducting workshops for elementary teachers. In some cases, the third member is an industrial scientist with some experience in educational outreach activities or a school district science coordinator.)

Team Recruitment. Announcements of the program, including team composition requirements, were mailed widely -- to Operation Physics and Operation Chemistry participants, science and science education department chairs, deans of colleges of education, and so on.

Selection. Eighty completed applications were received, and 36 teams were chosen.

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