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Contact Information for the RISE program

BEAMS: Organizational Information, Funding, and Contacts

Jefferson Lab. The Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab) is a U. S. Department of Energy basic research laboratory operated to study and understand the detailed structure and behavior of the nuclei of atoms. With the experiments being conducted by scientific and technical experts using forefront technologies, Jefferson Lab is a resource that can be used by regional, state, and local educational agencies. Piloting effective new ways for institutions to assist K-12 science/math education is one way Jefferson Lab supports education. The BEAMS program is such a pilot project.

Funding. In 1995, Congress dramatically decreased DOE funding for education (by 75%) and directed that future programs be closely connected with the DOE's scientific activities. In FY 1997, the money for precollege education was phased out completely. As a result, school districts participating in BEAMS now help pay its costs with in-kind and dollar contributions. This "share" includes transportation costs and $4 per student per day for consumables.

Contacts. The BEAMS address is :

The Jefferson Lab's science education manager is:
Janet Tyler
Jefferson Lab
12000 Jefferson Avenue
Newport News, VA 23606

Phone: 757-269-7164
FAX: 757-269-5065

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