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TSAI: Half-Day Community Workshops

Recruitment and Program. Personnel of school districts just beginning to engage in systemic reform decide that they are ready for these workshops and then they make the arrangements and handle publicity. TSAI personnel present the workshops, often assisted by lead scientists and school leaders. 1/2-Day Community Workshops can be large, with as many as 150 active participants from the community, including business leaders. Their principal purpose is to build understanding of and support for a hands-on, inquiry-centered approach to science education among interested and often leading members of the community.

The 1/2-Day Community Workshops program acquaint participants with the current state of knowledge about children's cognitive development and learning and with information about the national consensus for new goals for K-12 science education embodied in such documents as the National Science Education Standards and the Benchmarks for Science Literacy . The high point of the workshop is invariably a hands-on science exercise constructed from five related activities from a 6-8 week elementary science curriculum unit. This exercise conveys to participants the engagement and depth of understanding that children experience when learning to do science in a carefully constructed sequence of learning activities.

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