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Project RE-SEED: Going National, and More

Goals and Plan. RE-SEED has a plan to become a national organization. It is identifying organizations with appropriate infrastructure and strong connections to local schools to become the sites of Regional Centers. Participating organizations should be able to recruit qualified retirees, secure a training site, and place the retirees in schools.

The ultimate object is to make the Regional Centers self-sufficient within three years in all respects, except in the training of leaders. Leadership training will continue to take place at Northeastern University.

The Start-up Period and Long-term Roles and Responsibilities. In their first two years of operation, organizations starting a Regional Center will be able to rely on RE-SEED Central (at Northeastern University) both for the two-week on-site training of SRAs and the leadership training of qualified retirees. By the beginning of the third year, the goal is for the new Regional Center to have enough trained leaders to do its own two-week, on-site training of SRAs, although RE-SEED Central will be available to train additional leaders each summer.

Each Regional Center will be responsible for obtaining its own funding to support its own portions of the project. RE-SEED Central will work closely with each Regional Center, sharing materials and expertise concerning all aspects of the program, including the writing of joint proposals,

New Regional Centers Established and Planned. RE-SEED has already established two Regional Centers, one in Atlanta, Georgia, in cooperation with Morehouse College, and one in Portland, Oregon, in collaboration with The Columbia Education Center, which is also the Eisenhower Regional Science and Mathematics Consortium for Northwest Schools.

RE-SEED is in the process of establishing two more Regional Centers, one in Denver, Colorado, in collaboration with the Metropolitan State College, and one in Stockholm, Sweden, in collaboration with the Royal Swedish Academy of Science.

RE-SEED plans to establish three new Regional Centers each academic year. Scientists or engineers with a strong interest in and a connection to an organization that could establish a Regional Center are invited to contact RE-SEED.

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