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Project RE-SEED: RE-SEED Training Leaders

In 1993, RE-SEED established a leadership training program through a Noyce Foundation grant that would allow it to expand beyond the Greater Boston area. In the program, outstanding Science Resource Agents from different geographical areas are chosen for training on how to offer the RE-SEED program to other qualified retirees in their areas. This training then takes place on a residential basis for two weeks, giving participants opportunities to prepare and give presentations to their colleagues and to receive feedback from them and the workshop facilitators, Drs. Cromer and Zahopoulos.

Since its inception, the leadership training program has trained 35 leaders, 30 of whom are still active. Leaders keep in touch with their trainees by holding follow-up meetings. All participants are invited to the Annual RE-SEED Conference held at Northeastern University every fall. Annual meetings for the RE-SEED leaders are also held to get feedback from the "front lines."

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