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TSAI: 1-day Scientist Workshops

Recruitment and Program. Scientists are recruited for the 1-Day Scientist Workshops by lead scientists and school districts who are already engaged in systemic reform. The lead scientists and school districts also host the workshop. The American Physical Society assists with recruitment mailings, if necessary, to APS members and other members of other professional scientific, engineering, or technical societies who may be active in the region. The workshop itself is then presented primarily by TSAI personnel.

The 1-Day Scientist Workshops program assumes that participating scientists have a real desire to become involved but little or no knowledge of the many issues surrounding elementary science education reform. Most of the participants desire a modest (2-3 days per year) involvement in their local reform. Emphasized are

  • the participants' goals for science education and the goals of the National Science Education Standards and other national science education reform projects
  • the cognitive development of children
  • the nature of the hands-on inquiry-based approach to learning

Leaders of reform from the school district(s) represented by the participating scientists discuss their reform programs and the roles that the scientists will be asked to play. The high point of the workshop is when participants explore five related activities drawn from a kit-based module from one of the national elementary science curriculum projects funded by the National Science Foundation. Participants use actual equipment from the kit, then discuss how this approach to learning can lead to student understanding. They also discuss the role of teachers. The workshop ends with the participants' commitment to be part of the local reform program.

Cost. The American Physical Society picks up all the expenses of this program, including meals for participants.

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