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Project RE-SEED: Instructional Materials

The 120-page Project SEED Sourcebook of Demonstrations, Activities, and Experiments, describe the formal activities that SRAs are trained to lead in classrooms. It was developed by Drs. Alan Cromer and Christos Zahopoulos .

Each of the Sourcebook's 13 chapters roughly provides the basis for each of the 12 days of training received by the retirees. Closely related activities in a particular area of physical science are sequenced so that they build on each other. Covered are the following topics:

1) Length, time, and mass
..8) Elements and compounds
2) Area, volume, and force ..9) Sound, vibration, and waves 
3) Density and buoyancy 10) Optics
4) Pressure 11) Temperature and Heat
5) Work and simple machines 12) Electricity
6) Motion 13) Magnetism
7) Earth as a planet  

The Sourcebook also consists of a series of seven appendices that include

  • An equipment list for the basic Project SEED Kit
  • A list of 66 disposable materials, from alcohol and aluminum foil to enameled and insulated wire, and a similar list of 78 pieces of permanent equipment, from ammeters to a wheel and axle, all of which would be supplied by the school or SRA
  • A table of the densities of 22 common substances
  • A table of melting points, boiling points, specific heats, and heat of fusion of nearly 20 common substances
  • A table of solar system data: the mass, radius, period of rotation, distance from the sun (or earth), and period of revolution for the sun, moon, and all the planets
  • The Periodic Table of the Elements
  • An alphabetical listing of the elements, with the symbol, atomic number, and average atomic mass of 103 elements

Also used in the training of the retirees are 17 hour-long videotapes in which Cromer and Zahopoulos model exemplary teaching of the activities of the Sourcebook. These videotapes of 17 live interactive television broadcasts via MCET (Massachusetts Corporation for Educational Telecommunications) are also available to schools at a certain cost. Contact RE-SEED for details.

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