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Project ASTRO: Independent Project ASTRO Projects

Three ASTRO-like Projects. Local institutions in Stockton, California; Sacramento; and Las Vegas have started their own ASTRO-like projects with a small amount of technical support but no direct control or financial support from the national Project ASTRO office. The institutions and their projects are

ASTRO VEGA (Valley Education Group in Astronomy)
University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA
Neil Lark, Director

Started by Dr. Lark, amateur astronomers, and teachers who were all involved in the Project ASTRO pilot project. All coordination is volunteer or contributed by the university.

SCATS Program (a professional development program for teachers)
California State University in Sacramento
Tom Smithson, Director

Started by Tom Smithson, Administrator of SCATS at CSU, and Larry Brown, an amateur astronomer who participated in the Project ASTRO pilot.

Community College of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas
Ed Coppola, Astronomy Instructor

First applied to be a Project ASTRO Expansion Site but then, when not selected, decided to develop a project with local funds.

Possible future support. When the National Science Foundation funding of the national Project ASTRO ends, independent projects like these are one hope for spreading the implementation of Project ASTRO's ideas more widely. The How-To Manual and The Universe at Your Fingertips will prove sufficient for some organizations to play the role of lead institution in starting its own projects. In addition, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific is considering developing several efforts to support ongoing expansion and replication of Project ASTRO's approach to scientist-teacher partnerships. Among them are

  • "Leadership Institutes" for people at institutions that have started or intend to start local ASTRO-like projects
  • A "Coordinators' Training Manual" for persons intending to develop local Project ASTRO programs

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