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IISME Details: Follow-up Activities

As in almost all programs in which teachers have short-term educational experiences, the ultimate success of the program depends on the quality of the follow-up activities. IISME has arranged for a whole series of these:

  • Periodic meetings and workshops that are typically hosted by companies and which provide leadership training, career and technical information, discussion forums, computer training, and sharing of Action Plans and other strategies for transfering what has been learned into the classroom.
  • IISME-L, an online mail list for all IISME Fellows and mentors, to facilitate continued contact after the summer experience.
  • Eyes on IISME, a teacher-generated newsletter which goes out periodically to all IISME Fellows and mentors. Clicking here will give users of this RISE web facility a feeling of direct contact with the IISME Summer Fellowship Program as well as further information.
  • Fund for Innovation, a mini-grants program for IISME Fellows to assist them to transfer their summer experience into their classrooms and schools. (In the first three years of FFI, $53,000 in grants have been awarded to IISME Fellows.)
  • An ongoing, teacher-initiated series of telecommunications and technology training and discussion workshops.
  • On a more informal basis, many mentors also agree to make classroom visits, arrange industry field trips for students, donate surplus equipment, serve on curriculum review committees, etc.

IISME views these follow-up activities as crucial to its success. Not only do they ensure that teachers will not become isolated back in their classrooms after having had the IISME summer experience, but they expand and strengthen the network of resources within the business community available to IISME Fellows.

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