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IISME Details: Preparation of Participating Fellows and Mentors

The key to IISME's ability to place many first-time Fellows is the amount and depth of the applicant's telecommunications and computer skills. These skills make applicants more marketable to employers. Therefore, IISME offers free applicant-skills workshops in the spring and encourages applicants with weak computer skills to attend.

Once selected, Fellows who are not already on-line are assisted by the IISME Telecommunications Coach to get an e-mail address, learn how to post and receive messages, and practice exploring the Internet. IISME uses regular e-mail contact to arrange many of its summer activities; thus the goal is to have 100% of IISME Fellows comfortably on-line by mid-June.

To deal with additional challenges likely to be encountered by either Fellows or mentors, all participants receive a detailed Orientation Manual and attend a half-day orientation session together.

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