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Organizational Information and Contacts

The American Chemical Society's work in science education is carried out mainly by the Education Division, which emphasizes formal education, and the Office of Public Outreach, which emphasizes informal education and the involvement of scientists. Many of the ACS's 188 local sections also carry on a variety of independent educational activities.

A great deal of general information about the ACS is accessible through the ACS Homepage.

Education Division. The Education Division has a 34-person full-time staff to publish curricular materials, newsletters, magazines, career brochures, and assorted science education policy guidelines. The staff also organizes competitions, teacher inservice workshops, symposia, conferences, and continuing education courses. It produces electronic, media-based educational products, including satellite TV seminars, videotapes, and video and CD-ROM discs.

The Education Division has produced Project SEED, Operation Chemistry, FACETS, ChemCom, and SciTeKS, as well as a wide variety of other projects focused on K-8 science, high-school chemistry, college chemistry, continuing education, technician education, and so on. The Education Division Website includes information about all of these programs as well as about print publications, audio/visual materials, and science teaching resources.

Office of Public Outreach. The Office of Public Outreach is responsible for "Kids & Chemistry" and a variety of other programs, with particular emphasis on programs involving scientist volunteers. The Public Outreach Website is a source of information about many projects and programs. It has a long list of educational materials, outreach programs for ACS member-volunteers, and resource materials, for which members can immediately order information.

Local Sections. ACS has a strong central structure involved in many activities, but it is also organized into 188 local sections, each of which has great autonomy and many of which engage in a variety of activities.


Education Division:

Sylvia Ware, Director
Phone: 202-872-4388

Office of Public Outreach

Ann Messmore, Director
Phone: 202-872-6293

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