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Understanding the Culture of K-12 Schools and Teachers

Bridging "the gap" was a very important point of discussion at the RISE working conference. The gap is a cultural one, causing unintentional breaches of etiquette, miscommunication and frustration. The cultures of education, scientific research and business are all quite different. Therefore establishing a successful science-education partnership means the cultures must be bridged.

Throughout the website, strategies are offered for approaches that are culturally sensitive. In addition, three articles are offered here which will help provide you with an understanding of the culture of K-12 education. RISE would be interested in receiving comments and suggestions for expanding this section.

  1. Caution! Your ideas about what helpful contributions you might make may be off-base. Read this article by an experienced scientist on what he has learned as participant and co-director in the successful partnership of the California Institute of Technology with the Pasadena California school district. Scientists and Science Education Reform: Myths, Methods and Madness.
  2. Another confounding aspect of entering into a partnership with teachers is trying to understand educational jargon. A few key common terms are defined in Translation, Please!. Additional resources are given for reading more about these terms and the educational theories behind them.
  3. A physicist. who has devoted the last 5 years to becoming involved in K-12 science education, offers his personal views on the how the world of physics research and education differ in Science Education Through The Eyes of A Physicist, an entertaining and sometimes barbed commentary.

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