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Getting Started in a K-12 Science Education Partnership
  1. The "National Science Education Standards" describe a vision and provide a first step on a journey of educational reform that might take a decade or longer. At this point the easy portion of the journey is complete: we have a map" (from the NSES "Epilogue"). The National Academy Press @ 1996.

    Contact National Academy Press for ordering information or for the full text in HTML, Docuweb, or Acrobat formats.

  2. Science Education in our Elementary and Secondary Schools: A Guide for Technical Professionals Who Want to Help. Sandia National Laboratories. This is a frequently cited resource. The first section of this book is entitled "Things You Need to Know Before Getting Involved." It includes such topics as "Don't Try to Invent Everything Yourself" and "Things You Should Know about Schools and Teachers." Edited by Kenneth H. Eckelmeyer and produced by Shannon M. Lytle, "Science Education" is now available as a supplement to the background pages here on the RISE website. 

  3. A 10-Step Recipe for Starting a Partnership Programis advice from Bruce M. Alberts, President of the National Academy of Sciences, based on his own experience with the "Science and Health Education Partnership" in San Francisco. As Dr. Alberts says, "If you are energetic, tenacious, and believe that the reinvigoration of public education is of critical importance for the future of our democracy, you might find satisfaction by exploiting the following plan..."

  4. Where should I start? This question is often asked of partnership directors and was discussed at the working conference as part of attempting to develop a continum -- or roadmap -- of roles in partnerships. A summary of the discussion at the conference is provided in Where Should I Start? A Roadmap for Participation in Partnerships

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