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IGY Photo Gallery - Rocketry
An Aerobee-Hi research rocket is shown being fired at the IGY rocket launching site in Fort Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. The Aerobee-Hi, a liquid fueled rocket, carried an instrument payload of 150 pounds to altitudes of 150 miles. The antennas on either side of the launching stand were used to track the rocket in flight.
Pictured here are instrumented nose cones used for auroral studies and studies of the earth's magnetic field. Rockets carrying these nose cones were launched from the IGY launching site in Fort Churchill.
Instrumented nose cone of an Aerobee rocket recovered after a flight at White Sands, New Mexico. Although nose cone casings could be damaged by the rockets' impact on landing, the instruments and film inside them generally were not.
A Russian meteorological rocket used for conducting experiments in the upper atmosphere is shown in flight. The trajectory of the rocket was planned to allow parachute recovery close by its launch point.

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