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Meet the Gulf Research Program's 2019 Early-Career Research Fellows

The Gulf Research Program is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2019 Early-Career Research Fellowships. The Early-Career Research Fellowships recognize professionals at the critical pre-tenure phase of their careers who show exceptional leadership and performance along with potential for future contributions to improving offshore energy system safety, community health and resilience, or environmental stewardship. Each fellow receives a two-year grant for research expenses and professional development. Learn more about the 2019 Early-Career Research Fellows or the GRP's Early-Career Research Fellowship program.

Fellows - 2019 Early Career Research Fellows

Reports - Longitudinal Data and Systems White Paper

White Paper: Existing Longitudinal Data and Systems for Measuring the Human Dimensions of Resilience, Health, and Well-Being in the Gulf Coast

To inform its future activities and investments, the Gulf Research Program recently commissioned a white paper to gain a better understanding of the availability, accessibility, operability, and gaps relating to existing longitudinal data and systems across the U.S. that measure, or could be used to measure, human dimensions of resilience, health, and well-being in the Gulf region. The resulting paper outlines this information and highlights opportunities for long-term investments that can enhance capacity for monitoring community resilience in the Gulf region.

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Meet the Gulf Research Program's 2019 Science Policy Fellows

The Gulf Research Program is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2019 Science Policy Fellowships. The Science Policy Fellowships help scientists, engineers, and health professionals hone their skills at the science-policy interface by providing them with a one-year experience on the staff of a government or non-governmental environmental, natural resource, oil and gas, or public health agency in the Gulf of Mexico region. Learn more about the 2019 Science Policy Fellows or the GRP's Science Policy Fellowship program.

Fellows - 2019 Science Policy Fellows

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Other Activities - Stones Mooring 2Image: Pak Leung
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Hiring Associate Program Officer
We are seeking an Associate Program Officer to oversee and implement our fellowship programs.
Stones Metocean Observatory Project
We're collaborating with Shell on a pilot effort to convert an existing ocean mooring into the first long-term deep ocean observatory in the Gulf of Mexico. Learn more about our collaboration and the Stones Metocean Observatory Project. Data from the observatory is now available!
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