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Current Opportunities

Scientific Research Disaster Recovery Grants (accepting new applications)

Cycle 1:
Disaster Recovery 2018 grant process image announcement

Cycle 2 (not started):
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In response to the impacts of Gulf Coast hurricanes Harvey and Irma on scientific research, the Gulf Research Program (GRP) will fund small grants of up to $50,000 to help with repair, replacement, or recovery of equipment, data, and/or other research materials damaged or lost due to the hurricanes and their aftermaths. These awards are intended to help scientists recover from their losses and minimize downtime for their research efforts.

Research-Practice Grants (Opened March 15, 2017) (not accepting new applications)

Grants Timeline Phase 4
Topic 1: Integration of Monitoring and Evaluation into Environmental Restoration Projects to Improve Outcomes in the Gulf of Mexico
Topic 2: Improving Risk-Based Evaluations to Support a Public Health Response to the Next Oil Spill
Full proposal deadline: 5pm ET on June 28, 2017 (only open to applicants who submitted a letter of intent)

Research-practice grants aim to advance science and its application by (1) accelerating knowledge transfer from researchers to practitioners, thereby facilitating implementation; and/or (2) encouraging the use of practitioners’ knowledge and lessons learned from experience to inform research. Proposed projects must be hypothesis-driven and seek to improve science and practice by bringing together researchers, practitioners, or other relevant perspectives.

Research & Development Grants (not accepting new applications)
Grants Timeline Phase 4
Grants of up to 36 months to support research that will advance fundamental science or provide the scientific basis for the development of new technologies, processes, or procedures to reduce or better understand the systemic risk leading to uncontrolled hydrocarbon release in the offshore oil and gas environment.