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E-Update for May 15, 2013

NAS Program on Long-Term Research to Advance Health, Environment, and Oil System Safety in the Gulf of Mexico and other Outer Continental Shelf regions

Dear Colleagues:

Thank you for indicating that you wish to receive e-updates about the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) new program to advance understanding of health, environment, and oil system safety in the Gulf of Mexico and other Outer Continental Shelf regions. We will send out updates periodically to keep you abreast of our activities.

As you know, as part of legal settlements of criminal cases against the companies found responsible for the 2010 Deepwater Horizon explosion, fire, and oil, the federal government asked the National Academy of Sciences to establish a new 30-year research program focused on human health, environmental protection, and oil system safety in the Gulf region.

As directed by the Department of Justice and the courts, the NAS research program will carry out studies, projects, and activities that take advantage of the nation's scientific, engineering, and health communities in three areas:
  • research and development
  • education and training
  • environmental monitoring
The National Academy of Sciences is not a government agency. We are a private, nonprofit organization chartered in 1863 to provide independent, expert advice to the nation. We will apply our same high standards of scientific independence and excellence to creating and managing the new research program.

We are early in our planning and we expect activities to be defined as we move ahead. We recently received the first increment of funds and are now entering the start-up phase of our program. We are in the process of forming a high level Advisory Group to guide us through strategic planning so we can translate the broad terms of the settlement agreements into a clear mission and objectives. We will announce the Advisory Group members in our next e-update. Once formed, the group will begin working, including holding a series of "input meetings" (both virtual and in the Gulf states). We'll announce meetings in future e-updates and post details on our website.

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